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When you have back pain, the best treatment is activity. Even if moving around is uncomfortable, it is generally good for you. Start getting active.


Therapy >

physiotherapyTherapy can help you reduce and manage back pain. This can include:

Acupuncture: Small needles are placed into specific points on your body, which can trigger the release of endorphins—natural pain-reducing chemicals.

Chiropractic therapy: Manipulation, a technique in which the chiropractor manually moves a joint to increase its mobility, is used to alleviate pain.

Occupational therapy: Occupational therapists help modify the way you perform job functions and normal tasks.

Physical therapy: Physiotherapists use individualized therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and other treatment techniques to help reduce pain and restore mobility.

When to See Your Doctor >

physicianYou should see your doctor if you experience any
of the following:

pain after a trauma such as a car accident or a fall off a ladder

constant pain that gets progressively worse

pain lasts longer than four to eight weeks

severe pain at night that may even wake you up from a deep sleep

abdominal pain that accompanies your back pain

numbness in upper inner thighs or groin

Source:, by Charles D. Ray, MD

What to Ask Your Doctor >

question markWhen you have back pain, don’t forget to ask your doctor these important questions:

What's causing my back pain?

Are there activities I should avoid?

Is the way I do my job affecting my back?

What treatment options should I consider?

How long should I take medication or do special exercises?

How long will it take before the pain starts disappearing?

What can I do to prevent it from persisting or returning?

Source: American College of Rheumatology









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The best treatment is activity.

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