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It’s a pain in Terrance McDonald’s back.

Two damaged discs are a painful reminder of a football injury when he was 16-years-old. Terrance was hit by two players at the same time—once to lower back and the other to his front upper body. The result was damage to the second and fourth discs in his lower back. He has been in pain ever since.

The doctor’s advice?

“They told me to take it easy for about three months after the injury. I was given specific exercises and stretches to do to help strengthen my back. They said to keep moving as it would help my body heal. They were right. Keeping active—even if it’s doing something as simple as going for a walk—helps me keep the pain under control,” says Terrance, who works in the maintenance department at WCB.

So when WCB’s Corporate Communications group was looking for someone to star in the upcoming ads for the 2009 Back Pain campaign, Terrance didn’t hesitate. The theme, Break Your Back Habits, Try Something New, shows Terrance decked out in overalls and a hardhat in a variety of yoga poses. Which, by the way, aren’t as easy as they look, says Terrance.

“It took me a while to get my balance for some of the poses. But overall it was quite fun,” he adds.

The images were used in a variety of promotional materials, including ads that ran on the sides of Edmonton and Calgary transit buses. They were part of the overall Back Pain: Don’t take it lying down campaign focusing on educating Albertans about the importance of staying active during a back injury.

Terrance said it’s a great message, and he has experienced the benefits first-hand. That helped him make up his mind to participate in the advertising.

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Terrance McDonald strikes a pose for provincial back campaign

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