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WCB has prepared a variety of resources to educate Albertans that activity and exercise is one of the best treatments for back pain. You can support your workers and their backs with the following resources available for order. These will not only educate your employees, but also help you by keeping them on the job.

How to order

Please e-mail: with your company name, contact name, mailing address, phone number, resource requested and quantity or call

Back to Basics booklet >

Back to basics: a how-to booklet designed to recover from and prevent back injuries. This booklet will help you understand the mechanics of back pain and show you some easy

preventative strategies that will assist you to keep your back healthy.

Note: There is a charge of $2.50 + GST for the hardcopy Back to Basics booklet for orders over 25.

English PDF.

French PDF.

Back pain posters >

Back pain posters: helps promote healthy back behaviors and encourages those who suffer from back pain to exercise and get back into activities.


Order #: WCB-217-H (Aug 2016)

Link to downloadable PDF.

Order #: WCB-217-I (Aug 2016)

Link to downloadable PDF.

Order #: WCB-217-G (Aug 2016)

Link to downloadable PDF.

Order #: WCB-217-F (Aug 2016)

Link to downloadable PDF.

Order #: WCB-217-C (Aug 2016)

Link to downloadable PDF.

Order #: WCB-217-B (Aug 2016)

Link to downloadable PDF.

From 2011 and before:

Trucker stretching. PDF.
13 x 17": Pub. #: WCB-152
Link to Managing Back Pain on the Road article.

2010 poster #1Swimmer #1. PDF
13 x 17": Pub. #: WCB-132.
Out of stock.
8.5 x 11": Pub. #: WCB-133

2010 poster #2Swimmer #2. PDF
13 x 17": Pub. #: WCB-134.
Out of stock.
8.5 x 11": Pub. #: WCB-135

2009 Poster_yogaYoga. Out of stock. PDF
Link to Terrance McDonald's Story

2007 poster_dogWoman with dog. PDF
Pub. #: WCB-101-1
13 x 17".

2007 poster_jeans Jeans. Out of stock. PDF. 2006 poster_get well soonerGet well sooner. Out of stock. PDF.
2006 poster_scrubsScrubs. Out of stock. PDF. 2006 poster_scrubsElliptical. Out of stock. PDF.

2005 poster_flippersFlippers. Out of stock. PDF

2005 poster_don't call in stiffDon't call in stiff. Out of stock. PDF

Flippers.Out of stock. PDF

Back pain in the workplace information sheet >


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